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PhotoRoulette fun WordPress plugin to increase pageviews

PhotoRoulette is an easy way to increase pageviews.

What it does it randomly show photos that you can select from your own library. It allows people to enter the number of photos they wish to see and then refresh it which shows you new photos. It is a fun game that shows off the photos in your library.

Who should use it? Anyone who wants to show off their photos in an easy way. People don’t like refreshing pages and its so easy it is addictive to use. There is a downside however. It makes the page that displays this widget slightly slower to load. Which makes sense because it has to load this plugin and the logic behind it.

Having interactive pages makes a website compelling. It gives people a reason to stay at a website. I have shared before that I have been programming games on my companies website, and we have gotten a great response from our business partners. It helps educate them about our products in a compelling way, and it gives them positive feelings about our brand.

Making webpages interesting make people want to stay and do things. It is interesting isn’t it that some of the most popular pages like Reddit are controlled by the audience who reads them. It seems to me that the future of the web is this kind of customization. Where the clients control the kind of information they want to see. I like webpages that you can personalize. I think that is a really useful way to engage your customers.

There are forms and services that let you change the webpage according to the profile of the person they think is viewing it. This is really an under-appreciated part of the web. It is nice to treat all people the same, but people don’t want to be treated the same. If they are a customer they want to be treated better than non-customers, and that is fair to do.

Give the customer what they want is my motto.

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