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Organizing my computer Part 2

I spend this weekend organizing my computer. It isn’t fun, but it has to be done.

Why am I sharing this? I think one of the downsides of LinkedIn posts is that it tells you something that is easy to do, but doesn’t share the things that take real work. I spent the majority of my weekend doing the boring task of deleting and organizing emails. My hand was tired and I would have rather done something more fun, but I was running low on space so I had to do it.

Being successful means that you have to do things that you would rather not do sometimes. I had too much information on my computer and I had to organize it with the online services I use like DropBox, Box, iCloud and other services. Making videos and other audio work is very space intensive. I also like to take lots of photos and share them with my family. I have found in the past that using external HD to be helpful but now with cloud services being more reliable, I have been moving everything online.

I had a friend tell me that my computer was slowing down because of the large number of emails in the inbox. He said that Microsoft said when there are more than 1,000 emails in Outlook per folder it slows the computer down. Can you believe that? Almost everyone I know has more than a 1,000 emails in their inbox. Not anymore. Today I have a zero inbox and it was because of what I did this weekend.

When I put all of my info into folders I felt good. Once I finish my other email accounts I will take the important information in those folders and put them in a database. Then it will be easy to reference that information. I have tried lots of ways to organize information. I like notes like Evernote and Apple notes, but those don’t share easily with business resources. I want my information to be easily shared, so I might create a private database on my website here. I am still looking at what is safe and supported.

Organizing can be time-consuming but the results of being able to easily find information and have enough computer space are worth it.


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