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Email Inbox Zero is hard to achieve

I did it! I achieved email inbox zero! I have read many time management people who said this would make my life easier.

How did I do this? I have had to spend several Saturdays and Sundays working for hours deleting, organizing and unsubscribing from things. In the past I was always busy working on projects in school and work, and now I had a little time to catch up.

So again a few days ago I spent time cleaning up and putting things into folders. I didn’t realize how much information I had from college. One of my university accounts had 10GB of emails. Can you believe it? Once I cleaned that up, my computer had so much more free space it was amazing. I was always running low on space but I never realized that I had this much email.

Do you know why there was 10GB of email? It was because that email received lots of emails that had attachments. There were PDF attachments, Word files, and lots of other things. Music, photos were huge and I didn’t realize the totality of all that data storage.

One of the other things I learned is that by using Spark to add all of my emails in one email box, it downloaded or synced those files to my computer. I have 5 email addresses, and many of them had GBS of emails/attachments. So without fully realizing it, I was taking up a huge amount of space on my computer with just email.

Now things are better. Now I will be more ruthless when I don’t need something and delete it. I will not allow every Tom, Dick and Harry to send me emails. I will have to be more picky in what email information I receive.

Now with this free time from not having to delete and manage email, I can turn my attention to reformatting my computer this weekend and setting it up from scratch. I am so excited to be able to have a fresh new system so I can work most efficiently.

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