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Instacart is a helpful way to save time and money

Ever wanted to buy things from local stores but didn’t have a car or any easy way to get there? You can use Instacart and delivery is fast!

I am not being paid by them and I find them useful. Instead of going to the local grocery store I can just order online and they will be delivered. The price is reasonable and it’s a nicer way to save money than ordering individual meals online like from Doordash.

After you order, you pick the time when they can deliver. Then if they can’t find what you ordered they will text you and you can click on the link to approve or deny a replacement. You can use the Instacart app or the webpage. Both are automatic and easy. Then they arrive and you are asked for feedback on the delivery. It was easy.

One of the most exciting things by doing this is that you try things you may not have tried before. When you are shopping, it warns you that some items may be unavailable and it is true. The stocking levels are pretty accurate. So I have found things that I like more that are cheaper than the brand names I was used to. If you are willing to try different things, you can save lots of money by not always using brand name foods.

Now they have given me a code that if I share it with people, I get $10 and the person gets $10 off. If you want that, please send me an email. I am not trying to make a profit but if that helps you I am happy to help.

Is there a downside? I can’t think of one. Someone who is homebound or sick or has special needs could benefit from this service. Also if you are tired of Amazon, this is a great alternative. You will be surprised how many companies near you support this. Give it a try and you might save time too.

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