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My experiences with the NowLight Part 2

The NowLight has been a fun experience and I am thrilled with being able to save money that I used to spend on electricity on lights.

However, nothing is perfect so I wanted to share some of the teething pains I have had with you. That way if you buy one, you don’t have to contact the company like I did, you will be able to fix the issues yourself.

The first problem I had was understanding about how to pull the cord. If you pull the cord too fast or hard, the generator can get overheated and the cord will become slack to protect itself from overheating. So that happened to me and I just had to wait a day and use some of the power and the next day it was back to normal.

The second problem was in losing power when the solar panel was charging the battery. It was an overcast day and it took more energy to flash the display to let you know it was charging, then it received through the solar panel. So now I know not to try to charge the device on overcast days.

The third problem was in placing the solar panel. I didn’t get any power when I had it behind the window, but once I opened the window it started to charge. If you live in an apartment with little direct sunlight, opening the window is the best way to get it to charge.

I don’t want to sound like it was all problems. These were minor issues, and me just getting used to how it worked. The vast majority of the time 99% it works great and I was able to have free light. I use this everyday and I know that my power bill will be substantially less because of it. More importantly, I will reduce my dependence on electricity and help the earth. I also have a great cell phone charger if I ever lose power or have a disaster situation. The light also makes it nice and relaxing and not as harsh and normal lighting. I enjoy being able to experience the other kinds of lighting. I also know by using this I share in what poor and disadvantaged people have all over the world. I can have a little glimpse into a life that requires constant toil and struggle to survive. I also get stronger by pulling the cord if the solar panel isn’t working.

We are lucky to live in a time where we can use technology to improve the lives of others. Don’t you feel grateful to be living in this time of progress as well?

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