WordPress administrative interface notices you want to disable?

WordPress plugin authors sometimes try to annoy people to buy their plugin. You can turn off those administrative interface notices by using Webcraftic Disable Admin Notices Individually.

I have been using this and it works great. Now I choose what plugin authors try to bug me with. I don’t mind buying plugins and I have bought many of them but don’t force a notice in the admin side of things. You don’t own a companies or individuals interface because you have a plugin.

In addition to dealing with annoying plugin authors, it can be helpful when you work with a team. Many times other team members may not know that certain WordPress notices are just informational and not needed. You can make things easy for everyone and streamline things by suppressing messages that don’t need to be acted on.

Now of course someone who is experienced needs to set this up. You should know if suppressing a message will cause a problem to your website or not. I can’t begin to tell you what is important to note and isn’t important to know when you use this plugin. However what I do is just go slow, and disable the most annoying messages and then see how often other messages come up.

For example, when you first install a plugin or remove one WordPress says that you could clear your cache. I always do this because it is simple and it makes things work the best. I would never suppress that message. However there are messages like plugin authors asking for feedback, donations or whatever else and I suppress those messages.

My theory is that if I am paying for my WordPress site, and/or the plugin I am the one who gets to choose what questions I see. If plugin authors can’t convince people of the value of their plugin, then don’t offer it for free. I don’t like authors who offer things for free and then pack your interface with advertisements. I avoid those plugins.

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