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Blog2Social great to auto publish to social networks

In the last week I have been using Blog2Social and it has worked great. I used to use another plugin but it had too many problems and was complex to setup. Now this plugin is a dream to use.

What I like the most about it is the great support. The other plugin I used had poor support and they were slow to respond. I had some confusion when I first installed this and they responded the first work day. I sent it in on Sunday and I got a response on Monday. I was so happy.

It will connect easily to any social network you probably want to use. I connected it to Linkedin and used it to post last week. It was easier to setup and totally worth the money not having to setup up a LinkedIn application. This makes it easy for people who may not understand that or not want to be hassled with that.

Is there a downside? I haven’t found one. It doesn’t slow down my site according to GTmetrix and it hasn’t caused any problems. It was easily configurable and it has an intuitive UI. It shows that they really put in the effort into this program.

What else is it good for? Besides auto publishing when I write a post, it can schedule posts to share later. This is helpful if you take a vacation but still want to post regular content. That is a nice bit of automation. I like that you can post to several networks at once by creating profiles. They have given this some thought and it shows.

What else do you need to know? The cost is reasonable about $70 and for that you save probably two hours of manually setting up an application that other auto posting tools use. If you are a professional then your time is worth more than this useful tool costs.

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