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Best Image optimization plugin is ShortPixel

The best image optimization plugin is ShortPixel. I know because I used them all and ShortPixel compresses the best.

Using ShortPixel has increased my website speed in a dramatic way. GTMetrix shows that it was slow before I optimized my images and faster afterwords. For the low cost it just isn’t worth it to manually process images anymore. It can also easily make WebP versions so there is a great deal of flexibility.

Why am I sharing this now? Last week I uploaded several games to test out. It turns out that those games have images that weren’t optimized. ShortPixel saw the new images and offered to optimize them. I said yes. It is going to optimize 400 images in less than 30 minutes. There is no way that I could do that faster. My time is worth more than the small cost of this plugin.

Right now it is optimizing those images, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it finishes before I finish writing this post. There are some plugins that you just have to support because they are so technically good. I tried other plugins as I said, but once I installed this, it made a huge difference on images that were already optimized by other plugins. I knew that I had found the plugin that I want to use.

I am not getting a benefit in saying this. I believe in this plugin and if you are using another image compression plugin, give this a try. I bet you will save bandwidth, time and money by using this.

If you don’t then no harm done. It is always helpful from time to time to see if there are better programs and software that do the work more efficiently. There is never harm in testing the waters even if you don’t end up using it.

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