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Popup Maker is a great popup plugin

Popup Maker is a free to use popup plugin that works great. I used at at my company website, and it did everything I needed and more.

One of the things that I wanted to accomplish was to style it in a certain way that complimented the rest of the page. I was able to do that easily. I didn’t have any problems using it and it wasn’t overwhelming with options.

You can set it to work via a trigger and you can set the time that the trigger applies to the cookie that is set. As you know cookies are beginning to become blocked on browsers, so this will need to change in the future, but for now it works and is great.

Is there a downside? I haven’t found one yet. At first I had a problem with the cookie being set, but I figured it out and now it works well. I like that I don’t have to set it on individual pages. That is time consuming to do that other plugins ask for.

Fortunately using this plugin doesn’t change my speed according to GTMetrix. It worked immediately and no one knows any difference when it was installed.

Why are popups important? People come to expect popups in websites even though they are annoyed by them. There is a fine line between annoying people and giving them information that they need. It also helps to focus people for a call to action request. People can sometimes be overwhelmed by webpages and having a popup helps them with the most essential things.

Now of course since some browsers block all popups by default I have to have the information in a popup also appear on the webpage. Don’t depend on a popup always been seen by your visitors. You have to understand that for many companies their security policy blocks popups. Don’t assume that interactive elements will always be available to others.

For now popups are a fun addition to a website.


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