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Want to put a tabbed interface in WordPress? Use Everest Tab Lite

I wanted to experiment with a tabbed interface in WordPress. I used Everest Tab lite to do it.

Why did I choose this? I tried two dozen other tab plugins. They all had issues with the content I wanted to put in it. I use a plugin called H5P content to create interactive content. Many of the tab plugins didn’t support this content or had issues with it. As you know many WordPress plugins don’t test with other WordPress plugins, so when you use them together you sometimes find issues.

What I liked about this is that it worked with the H5P content plugin, and it worked well on mobile devices as well. It was fast and it looked nice. It is worth paying the premium version for. I thought it was easy to setup and straightforward. I appreciated that after spending almost 2 hours trying other plugins.

One of the other neat things is that I could add this to my sites theme to integrate it but I don’t want to do that. Changing the theme in this way for a public theme isn’t the best strategy. When you create your own WordPress theme then you can make these kind of custom changes to it. Having to reapply custom theme changes to something that rapidly changes doesn’t really make sense. It is a point of failure that would reduce the reliability and experience for the users in a corporate environment.

Many people are very fond of tabbed interfaces. It is an understandable way to work and in my opinion can be nicer to deal with than the accordion interface that is so popular with FAQ pages. I don’t like the accordion interface and find that most people don’t click on things when I have watched them use pages designed with that. The ideal interface would be a command line where they can type in what they want and it shows below without going to a new page, but we are a long way away from that.

One day AI will show us what we are looking for based on our past search history. I look forward to that day.

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