Zoom is a great conference tool

My team has been using Zoom and they have been very generous with the free users like myself.

For example, today I got a notice at 35 minutes into the conference that normally it would end at 40 minutes but that they were being generous and allowing longer conferences. It also said that you could get longer conferences if you scheduled a conference after the one was concluded. I didn’t need to do that, but that was a nice gesture.

I have used Webex at other companies and I like Zoom better. I have used other video conferencing products from well known companies to less known companies like Mikogo. Zoom has the best sound and audio and I don’t see any defects in the video. I have used Google Hangouts/Meet and sometimes that is blurry. Even Facetime can be blurry when video chatting. I prefer using Zoom for all of my personal and business communications.

What else is nice about Zoom is that it doesn’t slow down my computer while using it. I have a Microsoft Surface computer that I use in addition to my MacBook Pro and it is equally fast on both of them. They are the entry level computer and I never have a problem using screen sharing or doing group meetings. It has been one of the most reliable video conferencing tools I have used.

Is there a downside to Zoom? I don’t know of one. I like how I can share control of my screen to other users, and I have even had IT support using Zoom. It worked great and was faster and better than those special screen sharing applications IT people sometimes use.

Would I purchase it if I needed Zoom for my company? I would. I think it is an easy program that anyone can easily use. I like that you can install a plugin in your browser and easily schedule or start meetings from your browser. I think that really makes it easy to use.

Zoom is great and has my seal of approval.

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