What’s the difference? HTTP vs. HTTPS

If you have ever paid attention to the address bar of your browser, you probably know that there is “http” or “https” preceding your domain name. What do they mean, and what’s the difference?
HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol, which is a protocol for sending and receiving information on the internet. Since 2014, Google has been encouraging websites to adopt a secure protocol, HTTPS. The “S” stands for “secure.” When you see HTTPS, you know the website has the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate that ensures the privacy of data passed between your browser and the web server.


When your website doesn’t have the SSL certificate and the “https” before the domain name, Google’s browser – Google Chrome – will show the “not secure” sign. This may result in your visitors leaving the website. As a result, switching from HTTP to HTTPS can boost your SEO. More importantly, your website will become more secure and private.
Click here for tips on switching from HTTP to HTTPS. 
Danni Mei

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