BlogVault protects this website

After researching dozens of WordPress backup systems I choose BlogVault. Here are my reasons.

  • Cost. When I looked at other systems they required more money or time to setup. For a business time is money so having to mess around with complex options is not a good use of time.
  • Ease of use. I liked that I could just pay and plug it in and it starts backing up. This is really a nice way to work.
  • Other features. The BlogVault support page that is private to me shows other helpful things like scanning for security or files with malware. This is a nice feature.

My old web hosting provider said they did daily backups but I could not verify this information. I was really trusting a third party to do something that I should take responsibility for myself. I don’t want them to say “Oh I’m sorry there was a problem” when I can test and make sure things work myself.

Being a professional means that I always test whatever I suggest to clients. I wouldn’t want to get a call and not be able to fix the problem. So maybe $90 seems high for a personal site like mine, but I have put more than $90 of effort into this site so it isn’t a waste of time.

It is important for companies of any size to have faith in their backups. I can test this at anytime to make sure it is working. I can even use it to make a staging site, which is just wonderful. It would be an easy way to see an older version of the website if someone had a question. It really makes things easy for a web designer/developer like myself.

BlogVault will make your life easier and speed up your site as well. Many other plugins use the resources of the web hosting provider and that slows it down for the visitors. I want the best response my clients deserve and thats why I chose this.

Danni Mei

I am a knowledgeable, detail and goal-oriented professional with 8 years of experience who is seeking to leverage a diverse skill set centered on communications. My thirst for excellence compels me to read professional publications, expand business relationships, and research current trends in content creation, marketing and technology.