Spark Mail: A Smart Alternative to Apple Mail


I have been using Spark mail app on my iPhone for half a year. I enjoyed its advanced features, but I never thought about using it on my laptop. After all, I was so familiar with Apple Email, and it did the job. However, I recently encountered some problems with Apple Email. When I sent an email to a client, Apple Email automatically attached a jpeg image file as an inline image, not as an attachment. The client’s company’s email system could not display the inline image properly, so I had to resend the image as an attachment.

After what happened, I realized that it was the time that I started exploring other email apps. Spark was the first one popped in my mind. After installing it on my laptop, I fell in love with it immediately. The laptop version of Spark is just as efficient as its mobile phone version, so I replaced the Apple Mail with this new app.

Apart from the basic features such as smart search and built-in calendar, there are several advanced features of Spark that I really like. First, you can enable its smart inbox function. The smart inbox automatically categorizes all the emails from all your accounts, so you can read important emails and deal with less important ones later.

The other two interesting features are perfect for teamwork. Spark allows people to create emails together in real time using its compose editor. If you have used Google Doc before, you know how convenient it is to be able to collaborate on one document.

Spark Drafting Email with Team

My favorite one is the team comments feature. It allows team members to chat privately with one another without having to leave the email app and go to some chat app. That’s efficiency right there.

Spark Private Team Comments




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