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Creating your own content is the most efficient strategy on WordPress

As a website manager I have had to help people who made mistakes in their content strategy. They linked to third-party content that thought was interesting but unfortunately they don’t control that content. What happened is that over time, that content was removed and they ended up with dead links. Don’t make this mistake!

The client who did this I had advised to spend more time and write original content. Not only did they get higher views, they now have what is called “evergreen content.” This means that he is no longer writing things that are time limited. For example, when you write posts based on current events then sometimes that doesn’t age well. If that doesn’t age well, then you have to go back and rewrite or delete the story. What I advise is to write so that the principles never go out of usefulness, and not limit it to a time.

Right now that client is removing all the third-party content mostly because those third-parties are removing it first. While it requires more effort up front to write original content, you get paid back in many ways. You are perceived as a thought leader, you are not following a trend, and you aren’t simply a content aggregator. Successful websites require more than just collecting information, you have to give perspective to your clients so that they get something at your site that they don’t get at other sites.

Managing a website seems easy if you don’t have any original thoughts or purpose. You simply push things together and you are done. However that doesn’t help anyone and will never grow. I always ask my clients to focus on what their clients need, and their specific concerns. If you aren’t filling a unique need in the world, why should they pay attention to you?

Websites can be rewarding when you put effort into them.

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