Web Push Notification vs. Email Subscription

Push Notification

To online content based websites such as news websites and blogs, engaging online audience takes a considerable amount of work. Creating useful and searchable content and promoting the content are among the basic operations. When people visit a website, they are likely to be asked to subscribe to the website through email, or they may choose to receive web push notifications.

Email subscription helps websites engage their audience in more elaborate ways. When websites have visitors’ email addresses, they can communicate with their audience through regular email newsletters, which deliver promotions of the latest content and campaign messages. However, on the end of website visitors, email subscription on a website may be a commitment that they are not ready to make, especially when they are first time or one time visitors.

Many times I had to give up the content on a website because it was only accessible after subscribing to its email newsletter or signing up to the website. Visitors give up easily especially when there is plenty of competing content accessible through search engines. Apart from the inconvenience of having to enter their email addresses, people also have concerns about their privacy and email spam. A careless subscription on a website can possibly lead to a flurry of unwanted emails cluttering your inbox.

Web push notification is a low-commitment option for website visitors. It doesn’t convey detailed messages, but it effectively does the basic job of letting people know that some new content is available. It can also deliver short promotional messages. Website visitors can subscribe to a web push notification by simply clicking on the “allow” button in the pop-up window and opt out with one click. It is much easier than unsubscribing from an email list. This is especially appealing to visitors bothered by email spam that cannot be unsubscribed.

Many websites start using web push notification for various reasons, including ineffective email marketing, low visitor engagement, readership outreach automation and so forth. Also, web push notification is easy to install and manage. Here is a list of the most popular push notification services:


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