Solar Panel Unit – A New Solution to Power Supply at Home

If you live in metropolitan areas such as NYC, chances are that you have received promotions for clean energy in the mail. After subscribing to these services, you have a clean source of electricity and gas by paying more for your monthly bill. Is there a way to get eco-friendly energy without having to pay more? If you are asking the question, solar panel unit might be the answer.
My friend and I are researching on clean household energy sources. We realize that it is easy to buy and install a solar panel unit and a battery that stores solar electricity. If you live in a house, you will be able to install the solar panel on the roof. For apartment dwellers, hanging a piece of solar panel at the window during the day is also simple.
After years of progress made in the solar power equipment market, It is easy to find more efficient solar panel units and batteries. Some 370 Wh batteries can be 90% charged after 3 hours. Isn’t it amazing? Here is an example of a solar panel system that would be a good starter kit (I don’t get any money from the link). It may cost several hundred dollars to get a solar panel unit and battery kit, but the equipment pays for itself.


Danni Mei

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