Want to add search to your WordPress site? Use Ivory Search plugin.

I wanted to have search on my website, but my theme didn’t support it. I found a great plugin called Ivory Search and it allowed me to easily add a search box to my website.

It was very easy to install. You only had to do a minor amount of setup, but it is basically plug and play. You can exclude information from being searched if you want and I did that. It was a great and useful plugin for me to use personally and professionally at my company website.

One of the challenging things about working with themes is that often the company that designs them doesn’t make them easily editable. So you get what you get, and you can’t always switch to another theme on established sites. A plugin like this allows you to have the flexibility to add the search functionality without needing to change themes. This is very powerful.

Having a search box is crucial for a website. If you don’t have a search, many users won’t even use your site. They expect to be able to quickly search and find the information they are looking for. It is amazing that some themes don’t have built-in search capabilities. Search engines including sites like Facebook are popular because they are easily searched. Not having the ability to quickly find things will increase the lack of interest in your pages.

Is there a downside to using this plugin? I can’t find one so far. It doesn’t seem to affect the speed of a page according to third party testing websites. It doesn’t interfere with other plugins, and the author doesn’t require you to create an account at their website to use it. It respects privacy by not forcing an account creation, and it is just as responsive to the end use as built-in search functions.

Try it and you might love it.

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