Strong Testimonials Is The Testimonials Plugin You Want To Use

Strong Testimonials is the Testimonials plugin you want to use

If you want your Testimonials page looking its best, you want to use the Strong Testimonials plugin.

There are so many things that are positive about this plugin. First, it is a freemium/premium plugin. You get certain things free, but if you pay then you get more functionality. I think it is a great way to make testimonials look good and you can even use it for your staff directory page.

What I wanted to share about this plugin is how easy it is to use. I installed it and I made my first testimonial. Then I made a second testimonial and then I created a view that allows me to format the testimonials. With that view, it gave me a shortcode that could put on a page in WordPress. Then it worked and it looks great.

Plugins are so fun aren’t they? I love it when they just work and you can do incredible things because of them. There is really a wonderful functionality built into most plugins that made a WordPress webmasters job much easier.

It used to be before plugins that you would have to create code from scratch for functionality. Now there are such good plugins, that almost anything you want is possible. There are some great commercial plugins as well, but most clients don’t want to pay for those. Still if those plugins save money, then it makes sense to pay for them.

I know it may seem that I am pushing you to buy plugins but I am not. I just love being able to make things work, and I often find plugins that are both free/paid. I think that is a great model. I buy those plugins to support those developers. Earlier for example I wrote about Everest Tab lite. I bought that plugin yesterday for $20 to support the great work they did.

If we don’t pay developers, why should they bother?

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